Financial Entity Registration

Both firms and individuals can register here. Firms must meet standards to attain registration. To become registered you first sign up and then one of our representatives will be in touch to confirm details. Once details are confirmed you are required to pass a test to demonstrate competence in your particular activities.

Information Policy

Please note that the information that you provide in this form will be cross referenced with your identification documents and your provided employer. GFAR aims to maintain accurate and up-to-date information and any discrepancies in the information could result in a profile and account removal.

Upload Policy

All uploads are secure and handled on our closed servers to prevent any duplication or misuse of the files. All files are removed from the server within 24 hours and stored off line.


Applicable registration fees are assessed with form filings submitted. Non-FINRA firm candidates will be assessed fees for their qualification exams at the time of enrollment request. For more information on fees please contact us using our contact form.

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Have you ever claimed or been associated with a bankruptcy proceeding or similar financial action?
Are you regitered with the FINRA associated organisation and have a complete registered and active account?
Are you an "affiliated person" or an introducing broker registered under the Commodity Exchange Act or Securities Exchange Act of 1934?

If so specify firm name:


Documents are required for verification including ID and proof of address. This prevents harmful actions under the Anti Money Laundering Act 2002.

  • Identification - Current Passport, National ID or Driving Licence.
  • Proof of Address - Telephone or Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Lease Agreement

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Profile Update Restrictions

Feel free to customise your specific details including qualifications, education, work history, areas of expertise, and contact information. Please note that all information will be checked by a human and verified against the provided documentation.